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Serving The Denver Metro Area

Empower Migrant Families to improve their quality of life.


Identify, recruit and support migrant families by providing services effectively, allowing them to achieve their educational goals.


  • Enroll all migrant families into the Migrant Education Program.

  • Provide continuous opportunities for migrant students to participate in post-secondary programs.

  • Ensure that all migrant students are receiving an appropriate education to be on track to graduate.

  • Provide effective services to metro migrant families by collaborating with state, local agencies and schools.

Medical, Dental & Vision

For uninsured Families our program pays up to $300.

School Supplies

Support families that may need the following:

  • Uniforms/ Cap & Gowns

  • School Supplies

  • Books

  • Backpacks

Early Childhood Education

  • Instructional guidance for parents

  • Supplies

  • One on one visits with children and parents

  • Literacy development books

Academic Support

  • Summer Camps

  • Referrals for parents, GED, English classes, citizenship classes, adult education, legal services, and other community agencies

  • School Fees

  • Assistance with summer school enrollment and tuition

  • Transfer of student records to and from Mexico through the Bi-national program

  • Assistance with college preparation

  • Scholarship assistance for outstanding migrant students

  • Youth guidance and education support

  • RTD bus passes for High School summer school

  • Supplemental instructional services