Program Qualificatons

What is the Migrant Education Program? 

The Migrant Education Program is an educational program designed to provide supplemental education services to the families of migratory agricultural workers. The  Metro program is based out of Aurora Public Schools, but supports migrant students in the Denver metro area. As part of Colorado’s education system, all information is maintained confidentially.

How can children qualify?

A child may qualify if:

 · The family has moved to a new school district in the last three   years.

· The child /parent/guardian has worked in agriculture, such as meatpacking, nurseries, dairy farms, fishing farms, and agricultural workplaces.

· The child is less than 21 years old or has not graduated from high school.

Children could be eligible for these FREE Services!

·  Automatic Free and Reduced  Lunch

·  Support with school fees

·  Uniforms

·  School supplies

·  Mentorship

·  Interpretation support

·  Referrals to clothing banks

·  Educational summer camps

·  Books

·  GED & English class referrals         

  for parents

·  Much, Much, More!